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    Rebels With A Cause - Vintage/Retro style | Facebook en We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/122937601

  10. likeafieldmouse:

    Amy Stein - Domesticated (2008)

    Artist’s statement:

    "Within these scenes I explore our paradoxical relationship with the wild and how our conflicting impulses continue to evolve and alter the behavior of both humans and animals. We at once seek connection with the mystery and freedom of the natural world, yet we continually strive to tame the wild around us and compulsively control the wild within our own nature. Within my work I examine the primal issues of comfort and fear, dependence and determination, submission and dominance that play out in the physical and psychological encounters between man and the natural world. Increasingly, these encounters take place within the artificial ecotones we have constructed that act as both passage and barrier between domestic space and the wild."

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    Marc Nagtzaam

    1. Say Hello to Never

    2. Fields of Sleep

    3. It’s Over, It’s Ended, It’s Finished, It’s Done

    4. After and Before

    5. Anything Before and After

    6. Track

    7. Erased Tapes

    8. One Seven Double Eight

    9. Delay

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    Sagaki Keita.

    Japanese artist Sagaki Keita creates his work by drawing thousands of child like cartoon characters - making each up as he goes - to create an overall familiar landscape or object.  The pieces can become hypnotizing while you look at them, trying to note every doodle that makes up the whole.  See more below:

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